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Our Purpose

With the Building Bridges Gala we intend to raise funds and awareness for the work of Bridges of Hope. You will be given the opportunity to be a part of making a difference in the lives of those living in poverty.

Changing lives is about more than putting in a water well here or a school there. It's about building up communities, responding to the root causes of poverty and creating resilience, creating rewarding work opportunities for adults so that children aren't at risk of being sent to dangerous jobs, building people's personal assets, encompassing their physical, financial, and social needs.


Child Sponsorship

Through our Child Sponsorship Program you can make an impact in the life of a child living in poverty and sickness.

Each sponsored child is connected to a school-based child development project where she/he will receive the benefits of our sponsorship program. Along with covering the basic needs, your child will receive educational opportunities, life-skills and vocational training, nutritional and healthcare support.

Gift Catalogue

Boura Children's Centre, Chickens, Goats, Food, Water Wells, Bicycles, Medical Supplies, Shoes, Education, Homes and much more!

We are passionate about connecting all people through both relief and sustainable business solutions, using all designated donations to work towards the vision of a world where every person has a sustainable livelihood and contributes to their families and their communities.

Business Sponsorship

Bridges of Hope partners with people living on low incomes to increase prosperity, and inspires the development of local economies with opportunities for all.  Every month, we receive and process the profile of hundreds of applications for loans from our field partners. Each of those applicants have already passed countless weeks of coaching on business practices, loan repayment and financial management.

Daniel Zopoula - CEO

Though deeply wounded and perennially scarred by the traumatic circumstances that paved the realities of my own upbringing, I refused to be silent. I said something and I did something. I refused to just stand there. I overcame fear and emerged with great dignity, decency, love, courage and humour, choosing social advocacy rather than a life of blind avarice and personal subservience.  Every individual has a contribution to make to society no matter their economic status.  The global community has not done enough to give power to the indigenous people to self-sustain and own their own becoming, towards holistic and sustainable community development. This is why we will remain silent no more!